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New IP - Zynga
Architecting the experience for the next big hit in the 'With Friends' franchise. Leading the design and product vision across multiple platforms and devices.
Words with Friends - Zynga
Design on iOS, Android, and Facebook. Also do prototyping and front-end iOS development as needed.
Work in progress... Creating a mobile pattern library for designers and developers. Focusing on differentiating social networks and games, and giving viewers better sorting options between devices and platforms.
Words with Friends Web - Zynga
Leading the creative direction and team for the future of Words with Friends on Web.
DF - Zynga
UX, UI, and IxD for the social gaming platform.
Digital Flux - SxSW Interactive Awards Festival finalist
Tabletop physical computing installation. Was on display at the Telfair Museum of Art for over a year.
Plunker's Deep Dive - OpenFrameworks iPhone Game
Based on accelerometer input, the user must navigate Plunker safely down the elevator shaft.
Designing for the Wild - Master of Fine Arts Thesis - Patent Pending
An alternative gesture navigation scheme for mobile devices in harsh enviroments. Based on gestures, accessing the smartphone's accelerometer, this system removes touch interaction with the mobile device screen.
River Rage - OpenFrameworks iPhone Game
Multitouch and Accelerometer based input, to safely navigate the kayak down a rushing river.
Robo - Cocos2D iPhone Game
Touch interaction with the device screen turns Robo's light on and off, while accelerometer input controls his swim through the toxic environment. The user must safely navigate to cleaner waters.
2010 Olympic Snowboarding - Interactive Flash Website
OOP ActionScript 3.0 interactive website with nontraditional navigation and an engaging parallax.
SNO - Augmented Reality iPhone App
App for ski and snowboarders. Digital prototypes created in Flash and HTML.
Falling Squares - Physical Computing Installation
A camera records the player's movements as they interact with elements on the screen to solve a puzzle.
Glide - Physical Computing Installation
Custom tilt sensors mounted on a hang gliding pole to allow the user to fly through the canyon on screen.
Xtreme Kayak Adventure - Flash Game
OOP ActionScript 3.0 interactive Flash game where the player clicks on each side of the kayak to paddle.